Utility Locating Service, Inc.

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Utility Locating Service, Inc
Box  61
Brookeville, MD  20833-0061


  • Records Research
  • Utility Locating
  • Air/Vacuum Test Holes
  • Survey & Mapping
For airport, government, utility, military, and engineering clients

Utilizing a variety of specialized equipment and techniques, ULS Inc renders utility information to solve complex utility related issues at various sites in the Mid-Atlantic region

ULS, Inc. has 13 years airfield experience

Test hole of 2" gas

12 x 12 hole is 1980s technology. ULS cuts a small hole


ULS Inc has a variety of equipment to locate non-metallic utilities


ULS Inc. collects field data and produces deliverables in AutoCad or large format paper drawings


Note: Excavators must call 811 prior to excavation. Hiring a utility locating firm does not in any way guarantee all utilities will be detected and marked